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Hudson Fintech provides innovative software solutions to the financial industry. Our Hudson Platform has been built in-house from the ground up to provide a powerful software engine designed to handle complex trade workflows on virtually any type of asset or business line. The Hudson platform is designed for unsurpassed flexibility in supported features, rapid deployment, and agile change. It is transformed and extended by the addition of fully customisable modules, such as our Collateral Management module for Repo and Securities Finance trading. The Hudson Platform can be extended in any way with bespoke modules in order to support any business line or assets that you trade in a single, scalable solution

Our software is all about flexibility and rapid adaptation. We will work closely with you to customise the platform to your needs and fit it in to any workflow and environment and can even provide you with the tools and training for you to develop your own extensions. Thanks to a unique software architecture, which is inspired by technology from the video games industry, called Entity-Component-System design we are able to change and adapt to your requirements with unparalleled agility. The Hudson Platform is designed from the ground up to be performant, reliable, and adaptable.

You can read our collateral management press release here.

We use modern technology throughout Hudson. Gone are the clunky 1980s Unix user interfaces, replaced with a sleek and modern web based system that is responsive, capable, easy to navigate, and pleasure to use. Our interface includes many advanced features not seen in other web applications, such as dockable window panes and popouts. Alternately, if you like, Hudson's user interface can be run in stand-alone mode without a web browser. Our back-end server is built on modern high-concurrency Java, taking full advantage of all the cores in modern servers with a grid-computing engine for distributing workloads dynamically.

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In 2018, video games were a $43.8 billion industry. Your business is not a game, but step back for a moment and consider a few things. Modern video games are some of the most advanced pieces of software in existence. Games juggle billions of polygons in massive 3d space, running trillions of matrix calculations per second. Games simulate thousands of characters with some of the most convincing artificial intelligence around. Online games connect thousands of nodes online at any given moment. Video games have evolved a lot since the days of pong, so why is your trading software still stuck in an 8-bit world?

Games today are built on top of "Game Engines". These are software platforms that provide a toolkit for assembling the assets and logic to create a game. Artists, musicians, level designers, and of course programmers all ply their unique crafts in their areas of expertise and bring it together on the game engine to produce a finished game. Hundreds of people can be involved in modern game design and they are able to create new games with hours of play-time in only a few months. It is a technology in the game engine called an "Entity-Component-System" that makes this possible. Until now, the ECS engine has not been used outside of video games, but the concept is surprisingly simple to understand and the results are astounding. With Hudson we've taken this incredible technology and applied it to trading systems so that your business can move at unreal speed.

The Entity-Component-System based engine that drives the Hudson treats all of the items in your business, such as securities, books, counterparties, prices, trades, and more, as simple entities to which arbitrary data can be added. We break down the traditional object-hierarchy that is present in other systems and which is difficult to maintain and nearly impossible to reliably test and instead build flat compositions of properties, which are called components. In computer science this is known as "composition over inheritance". This gives us the ability to invent new types of entities by simply changing the components that are attached to them. This can be done dynamically at any time, allowing the creation of totally new trade types without even restarting the system. Ideas like generic trade capture to harness immediate market movements become possible. Business logic in Hudson is provided by systems which are discreet tools for performing tasks. A large set of available systems represents a toolkit of possible options for building up complex business processes and logic like assembling generic building blocks. In traditional systems your tools are limited - as the expression goes, if the only tool you have is a hammer then all problems begin to look like nails. Hudson instead provides a rich toolbox of systems that can truly harness the opportunities that you would have otherwise missed. Invite us for a demo to see for yourself how this can really work for you.

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We are an agile software development company serving the capital markets with advanced technological solutions. Our flagship product, called the Hudson Platform, is a generic and modular platform designed for building complete trading systems. On top of the Hudson platform we are building modules for specific product lines, such as Hudson Collateral Management to support your REPO and Securities Finance business lines with new and innovative solutions. We can also support trade capture and order management for Bonds, Swaps, OTC derivatives, or any other product that can be custom modelled. Drop us an email today to arrange a call to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our founding team has combined experience of over 30 years in the capital markets. We've worked both for software houses and tier-1 banks and intimately know the challenges that are faced. Our team brings innovative technology to the stagnant financial software market that can revolutionize your processes. Your partnership with Hudson Fintech will allow us to bring you our up-to-date experience with cloud computing and high performance / high reliability software to address your most demanding trading needs.

Our mission is to deliver technology that reduces costs, accelerates time-to-market and allows your people to focus on growing their business. We work closely with our clients to ensure that what we deliver always exceeds expectations

The financial markets are an ever-changing environment. We envision software solutions transforming your business to harness market opportunities whilst keeping pace with ever changing demands. Your software will constantly and effortlessly adapt to meet any challenges or opportunities head-on.

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Our company's name comes from the intrepid 16th century explorer Henry Hudson who opened up much of the New World. Hudson explored all along the east coast of Canada and the United States and has many geographic features named after him including Hudson Bay, one of the most striking geographic features visible from space and the Hudson River which flows through the heart of the world's largest financial center. With our company values of innovation, agility, and determination we hope to reflect the intrepidity of Henry Hudson and his unswerving drive forward in our business. Our logo of the ship reflects this commitment. We hope your partnership with Hudson Fintech will be a journey that will open up the world to your business.

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Huson Fintech is a small but growing technology company of dynamic individuals. We are bringing advanced technology to the financial markets and are constantly on the lookout for the most talented individuals to join our team. As a developer at Hudson Fintech you would have the opportunity to work with high-performance grid-computing solutions in Java, exploiting low-level bytecode generation with a test-driven development process. Our server developers are passionate about the ECS design pattern, scaleable services, and bytecode optimization.

Our user interface employs the latest HTML5 technology and is built with the ReactJS framework. A positive user experience is a prime element of Hudson and our UI developers are passionate about human factors and modern techniques for intuitive and dynamic interfaces. Our user interface developers understand and embrace design language and work ceaselessly to establish a balance between a clean and uncluttered workspace that flows easily and complex business requirements with dense information presentation and rich features.

As a financial business focused firm we need the best business analysts in the industry to work with our development team and our clients in order to dig into the heart of the requirements. Our clients expect us to understand all aspects of their business and anticipate their needs to constantly improve and evolve our software. Our Business analysts have a deep understanding of the Hudson software and are always open minded about new ways to apply our unique technology to client's environments and identify spectacular opportunities to improve business flow while saving money and time.

We always welcome C.V. Submissions from the most talented individuals that are looking to up their game

If you are interested in joining us, please drop us a line with your C.V. at recruitment@hudsonfintech.com.

No agencies please.

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